Portal Contents

Property Market

Insight, guidelines on rental areas, what to look for in a Bermuda rental lease, negotiation insights, how to care for your Bermuda rental property 

Furnished vs. Unfurnished Homes

A guide to furniture rental, where to purchase furniture, the second hand market, caring for furniture in Bermuda's climate, what to bring and what not to bring 

The Shipping Process

How to plan, when to initiate, packing instructions, duration of process, standard costs, shipping options for smaller loads, transit times, Customs Duty explained, short and long term storage options, importing online purchases 


Finding the right school, private school options, enrolment process, uniform guidelines, resources for parents, school break camps, sport clubs, extracurricular activities and family friendly events. 

Banking and Utilities

What documents are required, how long it takes, the set up process, contacts. 

Cultural Information

Bermuda traditions, public holidays and how we celebrate them, Farmer's Market info, fruit bearing and edible plants, local grocery store guide and online ordering options, Bermuda cuisine and where to find the best fish sandwich 


Doctors, specialists and paediatrician listings, Bermuda health insurance options, what to do in an emergency 

Lifestyle & Leisure

Golf courses, gyms, personal trainers, club memberships, yoga, pilates and local volunteering guide 


Steps for importing, caring for and enjoying Bermuda with your pet 


Steps and paperwork required for your Bermuda Driving License, how to maintain your license, annual TCD guidelines, auto and bike repair, guide to buying a second hand vehicle, gas stations, parking information, renting a vehicle and the Traffic Code Handbook 

Island Life Resources

Hurricane preparation, shopping guide, airport arrival guidelines, clubs and societies to join and Bermuda's social calendar