Useful information on the portal includes Covid protocols, what to expect at Bermuda airport, Bermuda Customs Duty explained, trusted real estate companies so you can find your perfect home and so much more. 

As a new Bermuda resident the portal makes relocation easy, providing you with a wealth of island life resources ranging from extensive shopping and dining recommendations, health, wellness and recreation guides, cultural insights and everything you need to know to settle into our unique island lifestyle.

If you’re a parent or welcoming visiting relatives with children, the portal is especially useful as we’ve gathered hard-to-find information on navigating island life with children whether you need guidance on education, socialisation, activities, camps, special programs or simply need to know where to shop and eat!

If you work from home, are a digital nomad or just want a change of scene for the coming year, we can help you relocate to Bermuda. 

Step 1

Apply here for your one year residential certificate, granted by the Bermuda Department of Immigration.

Step 2

Register here for your access to so that you can start planning your move right away. 

Step 3

Arrive in Bermuda and start living your island dream life! 

 Visit our shop for resources, pricing and details.

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