How can I move to Bermuda? 

Moving to Bermuda involves several steps, including immigration procedures, finding accommodation, and adjusting to the local lifestyle. At Bermuda Relocation, we offer comprehensive relocation services to assist you every step of the way. Our team can help you navigate the immigration process, find suitable housing options, and provide valuable insights into life in Bermuda. To learn more about our relocation services and how we can help you move to Bermuda smoothly, visit our page for individuals or for businesses.


Is it expensive to live in Bermuda? 

The cost of living in Bermuda can vary depending on factors such as housing, groceries, transportation, and healthcare. While Bermuda is known for its higher cost of living compared to some other destinations, many individuals and families find the quality of life and opportunities in Bermuda well worth the investment. At Bermuda Relocation, we understand the importance of budgeting and financial planning when considering a move to Bermuda.

How do I access the relocation portal? 

Once you have selected your Bermuda Relocation package or service and full payment has been received you will then receive an email invitation to access the relocation portal. You will be able to set up your own unique password and access the relocation portal from there. We encourage our portal clients to upload a photo of themselves and add or upload their information to fully personalize their portal experience from departure to settling-in in Bermuda.  

Can my spouse/partner have access?

Certainly! We want your spouse/partner to know all about Bermuda too! No additional cost for this!

How soon before my move should I access it?

Access to the relocation portal is most beneficial at the time of your work permit or one year residential certificate application submission, although access can be gained at any time.

How long do I have access to the relocation portal?

The length of time you have access for depends on how long you sign up for. You can always extend at any time. 

How much does the relocation portal access cost?

Click to discover the access options and full range of benefits available. 

Is there a group rate for new startups?

Yes, we have a group rate for five individuals. This is aligned with the Fintech Business Work Permit policy as well as the New Business Work Permit policy. The group rate can also apply to five individuals within an existing organization in Bermuda.  


We are experiencing rapid growth, is there a Corporate Rate?

Yes, there is a flat fee for unlimited users. Click to find out more. 


Is it designed for Digital Nomads? 

Absolutely yes! It is the fastest way of getting to know your way around Bermuda! Click to get started now!


I am an expat already living in Bermuda, is it useful for me?

Yes! If you’re a parent or welcoming visiting relatives with children, the portal is especially useful as we’ve gathered hard-to-find information on navigating island life with children whether you need guidance on activities, summer camps, special programs or simply need to know where to shop and eat! If you’re a new dog owner, we’ve listed pet friendly restaurants! If you are shipping in goods, we’ve tips and advice on the shipping process. If you feel that the Covid lockdown and WFH has left you wondering what’s open and what’s new, then this is the resource for you!


Will I be given a tutorial on how to use the relocation portal?

Yes, at initiation one of our Relocation Consultants will contact you to set up an initial Welcome to Bermuda consultation. During this Zoom call, we will guide you through the portal and answer any immediate questions you may have regarding your move so that right from the start, you are on the right path!


How does the virtual support chat function work? 

There is a messaging system on the relocation portal which enables you to correspond with a live relocation consultant regarding any queries or challenges you may encounter with your move to Bermuda. Portal access comes with virtual support depending on the package you subscribe to.


What if I need more help?

We’re on hand for that too! Upgrade your service level to include support with work permit processing, shipping, settling-in, pet importation, island familiarization tour and settling in support. Click to connect with us for our full suite of services and rates!