• You’ve received the job offer of a lifetime and want to know what it takes to move to Bermuda before you accept?

  • You’re a Digital Nomad and are applying for a One Year Residential Certificate and want to get your island life set up rapidly?

  • You’re coming to Bermuda on secondment and want to settle in quickly to make the most of our island lifestyle?

  • You’ve accepted a new role that is based in Bermuda and need help getting you and your family on island?

  • Then access to our relocation portal is for you!

What is the Bermuda Relocation Portal?

BermudaRelocation.com is a beautifully designed, user-friendly web platform that guides you through the relocation process. It provides all the necessary information for a successful move to Bermuda while giving you the essential information you need to settle into your new lifestyle with ease. 

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The Bermuda Relocation Portal gives you...

A bank of extensive, easily accessible, up to date and accurate information about Bermuda that streamlines your relocation experience. It provides a wealth of information specifically relating to the Bermuda relocation process. 

It helps you plan for an international move, guides you through the various stages and provides helpful information that is necessary for your relocation. It also provides you with everything you need to know about Bermuda so that you can get settled in right away: trusted service providers, parental resources, pet information, leisure pursuits and so much more. 

Having this information at your fingertips takes the anxiety out of an international move. It helps you prepare for Bermuda, know what to expect and how to organise the documents you will need in order to accomplish the key aspects of setting up your home. 

Once you have landed in Bermuda you will find the island life resources section invaluable in getting to know our island and where to go for the items you need. 

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