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Bermuda Relocation

Start-Up Package

Start-Up Package

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Aligned with New Business Permits for new start-ups or for companies who have five individuals/secondees/business visitors who wish to avail of access. 

Initial charge is $4,250 based on five subscriptions within a twelve month period; the five users are added as necessary throughout the twelve month period from when payment is made. 

- $850 per person for up to five individuals

- Each person receives the Portal Plus rate benefits, including spousal/partner access.

- 1Yr Portal Access period unique to each of the five individuals


Includes a one hour consultation with the Start-up Founder / overseas HR Manager to discuss corporate relocation packages:

  • how they can be structured (blueprints will be provided)
  • what is typically included in a relocation package
  • what needs to be included from a Bermuda perspective
  • how to tier your relocation benefits according to hierarchy within your company
  • how relocation benefits fit within the overall compensation package for your new hires and play a vital role in attracting the right talent
  • the importance of providing relocation support in the context of establishing your corporate culture in Bermuda
  • considerations around Bermuda benefits beyond the start-up phase as your Bermuda presence expands



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